Pilot systems
the simple solution for individual wastewaters

Pilot systems are test procedures to explore the treatment performance of a treatment system. The focus is often on wastewater that carries a unique contaminant load. Each treatment process can be customised to achieve the perfect treatment result. To find these customised settings, pilot systems are worthwhile. 

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What are the advantages of pilot systems? 

Smaller scale

Pilot systems are test processes and thus often smaller than treatment plants in comparable sectors. They often treat only a partial flow of wastewater and – if ideally designed – are expanded to treat the entire volume of wastewater. As a result, a pilot system takes up less space. 

Lower costs

Due to its compactness and low power consumption, a pilot system is cost-effective. Yet it has all the systems, connections and functions of its later successor. It is designed in such a way that all functions can be adapted at any time. 

Safe and reliable treatment process

Pilot systems, once adapted, guarantee safe and reliable wastewater treatment. They are a model for the overall system and are also suitable for training staff on the individual functions of the treatment plant. 

Pilot system for a dairy farm in Bavaria

PPU installed a pilot system for a milk processing company. Due to the unique composition of the wastewater produced, the pilot system in the form of a dissolved air flotation system was the ideal solution. The exact dosing of the flocculants was crucial here in order to bind up to 99% of the suspended substances. After only a few weeks of testing, the perfect mixing ratio was found. Due to the outstanding cleaning performance, the milk-processing company decided to expand the plant for the entire wastewater load. 

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