Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics wastewater can contain a mixture of chemical and biological contaminants. Generally this wastewater contains dissolved solids, drugs [API and excipients] from production activities, micropollutants, in addition to solvents and chemicals. These wastewaters can be complex in nature, and contain substances that are difficult to degrade with conventional process technologies. ClearFox® is a pioneer in implementing advanced process technologies in the pharmaceutical wastewater treatment sector. We provide complete turnkey solutions for flowrates between 1m3/hr to 400m3/hr.


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Wastewater and effluent from drug, medicine, cosmetic, biotech and medical device manufacturing are generated from production sites and product research development laboratories across the world. Many drug and pharma manufacturing facilities have production lines for different products in the same factory. ClearFox® industrial wastewater treatment technologies allow purification of all pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic wastewaters, presenting major cost savings when compared to disposal of this hazardous waste.

As process water is used in many medicine and drug formulations, cosmetic product manufacture and for cleaning and disinfection of equipment, this results in high water consumption and consequently high volumes of wastewater to be treated.

Environmental compliance with any discharge standards can be achieved with our modular industrial wastewater treatment solutions.

Our pharmaceutical and cosmetic wastewater solutions have the following advantages:
  • Pharmaceutical wastewater treatmentModular
  • Compact footprint
  • Odour free
  • Insulated for silent operation
  • Automatic operation
  • Low CAPEX
  • Low OPEX
  • Expandable
  • Process guarantees
  • Ability to deal with variable flows and loads
  • Advanced technology
  • CE marked
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany at our manufacturing facility to strict quality standards
  • Containerized, so no site works or construction needed
  • Rapid setup onsite


Pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic wastewaters arise from the manufacture of a wide range of drugs, supplements and medicines, and from the associated cleaning and processing activities.

Pharmaceutical wwt This can result in a very complex and highly variable wastewater flow and load. Due to this, pharmaceutical wastewater is considered difficult to clean with conventional processes. Due to the nature of the pollutants in pharmaceutical and medical wastewater, factories are generally forced to comply with very strict regulations. In many facilities, lack of knowledge regarding available process technologies means that wastewater is removed offsite for disposal.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and other medical residues, even at trace levels in treated wastewater, are having negative impacts on aquatic habitats and human health. Conventional wastewater treatment processes are not designed to degrade persistent compounds which results in the contaminants eventually entering the environment.

This is why advanced process technologies from ClearFox® such as our DiOx process technology are specifically suited to these wastewaters and represent cutting edge wastewater treatment solutions for pharmaceutical and cosmetics factories.


Specialist solutions with process guarantees and low operation costs are developed and manufactured by ClearFox® for pharma and cosmetic applications. Our tailor made solutions comprise physical, chemical biological and oxidation process steps. These combined steps allow complete pollutant removal and degradation, even for persistent, inert and hard to degrade substances.

PharmaceuticalClearFox® pharmaceutical wastewater treatment solutions are modular and expandable, and generally comprise a mixture of the following process technologies;

We produce process steps in-house, such as DAF, biological reactors [SBR and FBR], DiOx advanced oxidation.

Depending on the location and the regulatory requirements, the treated final effluent can be dealt with in the following ways:

  • Discharge to municipal sewer
  • Discharge into the environment
  • Irrigation
  • Reuse within the building/factory

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