ClearFox Medical and Healthcare Wastewater Treatment Solutions

ClearFox are specialist in the medical and healthcare sector for wastewater.

We offer to solutions to any problem regarding wastewater of hospitals. As germs in wastewater is hard to treat ClearFox is one of not many wastewater treatment companies to be specialised and have knowledge as how to treat it.

ClearFox Removal of Antibiotic Ressistant Genes in Wastewater

With the steady development of new medicines and methods of treatment in the medical and healthcare treatment sector more and more medicine and germs in all variety find its way into wastewater

Germs survive and spread in wastewater

Antibiotic ressistant genes (ARG) are environmental pollutants who are known to continuously reach water sources through human and animal waste. There, germs are known to survive and then possibly spread in the environment which increases the possibility of a transfer into food and drinking water.

Some of them survive in the water, increase and mutate so that their ressitant genes are being transferred to other micro-organisms. As a consequence some people who have been in contact with these germs through food or water then also develop a ressistance against antibiotics. The result of that is that if infections like urinary tract infection or blood poisoning occur (which unfortunately happens a lot in hospitals), it is very hard to fight them because of the ressistance against the inserted antibiotics.

medical wastewater treatment

Antibiotic ressistant genes have been found in lakes

As the conventional methods of wastewater treatment are insufficient in removing these ARG, some of them are getting into the environment together with the treated wastewater. For example, there have been found these ARGs in 21 Swiss lakes that were investigated by EAWAG in 2015 (Swiss research institute for wastewater). Also there has been found a correlation between quantity of ARG and quantity of wastewater treatment plants in the area. Besides negativ effects on animals living in the waters, humans are eventually also going to be effected by it.

ClearFox solution: an advanced wastewater treatment

The advanced wastewater treatment of Clearfox provides a promising solution to operators. Not only are they offered an efficient, economical solution but they also help create a sustainable clean environment.

Side note: Our technology can also be combined with the treatment module for removal of degradation ressistant trace substances.

ClearFox treatment module:

  • Application: elimination of ARG in wastewater
  • New developed technology, tested and validated from qualified testing institute
  • Example: Removal of genes that are sulfonamide ressistant

Technical details (module example):

  • Compact module (detention time: around 3 hours)
  • Loading: 2m³/h
  • Reactor volume: 6m³
  • Electricity consumption: around 1250 watts per m³ wastewater

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