Clearfox has a new treatment system which has the highest cleaning efficiency

The small scale waste water treatment system can be used for domestic houses and smaller agglomerations.

It was  tested also for a further sludge treatment, so this makes it unique on the market. This technology was developed especially for countries in Europe and Asia, where is a need for a simple effective cleaning of waste water. Please have a look to our temporary small scale wastewater treatment plant information flyer

A cesspit can be easily upgraded on newest requirements for effluent with a Kit. Also premanufactured systems are available as packaged systems in PE tanks from Clearfox. These tanks are reinforced with stainless steal and they are famous for “undestroyable” design, they cannot break even they are approved for high groundwater tables and difficult soil conditions by a notified body. The process technology is tested and approved to the European Standard Norm EN 12566-3, which makes sure that it suits to all European guidelines and restrictions. Sales begin with September 2016.

domestic treatment plant

Function description of small scale waste water treatment QuickONE+
The ClearFox® QuickONE+ works fully automatically according preinstalled program.
Purification phase – the wastewater is circulated in the SBR reactor using air fed in through the membrane plate(s) and the bacteria are supplied with oxygen. This occurs at intervals controlled by the computer.
Settling phase – the wastewater separates, with the sludge material sinking (sedimentation) and the cleaned water remaining at the top (a layer of clearwater forms).
Clearwater pump cleaning– before the Clearwater extraction phase starts, the pump-tubes would be cleaned by a backflushed airlift-function, to remove settled particles out of the clearwaterpump.
Clearwater extraction – following the settling phase, the clearwater pump conveys the clearwater that remains above the “clearwater” discharge point to the plant outlet, lowering the water level in the reactor.
The main states listed above are together called the cycle. A complete purification cycle takes approx. 12 hours.

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