Clearfox® DiOx EAOP Modules: start serial production

DiOX EO Module
After months of extensive testing, PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH is starting the manufacture of their newest EAOP Modules [Electrical Advanced Oxidation Process].
In combination with Clearfox® FBR biological reactors and Clearfox® DAF cells, PPU can cover now an extended range of complex industrial wastewater treatment applications very economically.
Typical applications for Electrical Advanced Oxidation Process are:
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • oil and gas industry
  • textile industry
  • printing industry
  • semiconductor industry
  • food industry
  • landfill
EAOP can be applied in all applications where it is necessary to oxidate inert organic matter. The Clearfox® DiOx EAOP Modules includes several stacks, and each of them comprises several square meters of HQ diamond coated electrodes.
Diamond coatings are recognised for their extreme stability and long lifetime. The major benefit of the HQ diamond coating is that, during the anoxidation process, hydroxyle radicals are also formed, which have a high disinfectant effect in wastewater. The power consumption is very low and there are no residual substances.
The Clearfox® modules are very user-friendly, packed in highly resistant casings, and can be maintained easily .
The first modules are now being implemented for applications in the produced water sector, and they are already in place at a major oil production facility in the Mediterranean Sea.

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