Increasing demand for domestic wastewater treatment systems – ClearFox® opens new production hall

PPU Umwelttechnik opened a new production hall in May 2021 to meet the growing demand for domestic wastewater treatment systems in France. There the non electric ClearFox® Nature is particularly popular for new houses and to upgrade septic tanks and cesspits.

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domestic wastewater treatment

The new production hall meets the growing demand for domestic wastewater treatment systems 

With its new production hall near Bayreuth, Bavaria, PPU Umwelttechnik is expanding its capacities in the field of low cost domestic wastewater treatment solutions. The company manufactures the non electric ClearFox® Nature and the ClearFox® QuickOne+ septic tank there. The QuickOne+ system uses SBR process technology. At the main plant, the ClearFox® team focuses on large projects, especially containerized wastewater treatment plants and the development of new solutions. To meet the increased demand for small packaged wastewater treatment plants in France, the company looked for another production facility. The 350 m² hall offered ideal working conditions. Already in the first two weeks, 75 domestic wastewater treatment plants left the production line. These systems are certified to EN12566-3. 

What is special about the ClearFox® domestic sewage treatment plant? 

ClearFox® 6 person, 8 person and 12 person packaged treatment plants are suitable for private houses, small housing estates and municipal wastewater treatment. They usually operate without electricity. This is not only a particularly environmentally friendly solution, they also saves customers considerable costs. To ensure that ClearFox® domestic wastewater treatment systems are also suitable for underground installation, they are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel or corrosion-resistant HDPE. This saves the longevity of the plants, which means that customers have very little maintenance to do once the sewage treatment plants are in operation. Although PPU Umwelttechnik has already exported its certified sewage treatment plants to more than 50 countries, the company manufactures the plants in the new hall mainly for the French market.

In France, the demand for domestic wastewater treatment solutions is particularly high. On the one hand, many dealers are withdrawing from the French market in order to get large, industrial projects. On the other hand, interest in non electric plants is growing steadily in France, where environmental awareness is particularly high. PPU Umwelttechnik is the ideal partner for this. The non electric ClearFox® Nature is designed for different household sizes and available to customers in a timely manner. The new production facility meets the increasing demand for domestic wastewater treatment systems in France.

domestic wastewater treatment

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