Andreas Vogler

Andreas Vogler

Project Engineer

My name is Andreas Vogler, I am 34 years old and an environmental engineer by profession.
Since July 2019 I have been working for PPU Umwelttechnik as a project engineer in the field of wastewater treatment plant planning and documentation.
My activities reach from offer preparation, over planning, up to customer communication.

Every sewage treatment plant we build is tailored to the needs of the customer. For this reason, the most diverse activities must be combined.
So with every project not only the individual knowledge of each colleague grows, but also the experience of the whole team.
By pulling together as a team and not letting the work become monotonous, the fun in the work remains.
ClearFox® systems are not only modular, but also easy to handle.
For this reason, biological systems in particular can be easily used without any major operating effort.
However, other system components that can be combined with each other are also designed so that the individual devices can be operated individually.
The flat hierarchy not only provides a pleasant working atmosphere, but also allows you to talk to any colleague.


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