Wastewater treatment container for a spice manufacturer in Germany

ClearFox® FBBR and ClearFox® lamella clarifier in a wastewater treatment container


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ClearFox® FBBR in a wastewater treatment container
ClearFox® lamella clarifier
ClearFox® clearwater outlet


Wastewater treatment container






18 m³/hr


  • Reliable cleaning performance
  • Flexible on-site placement
  • Low maintenance requirements


A producer of spices in Germany was looking for a wastewater treatment container. The company’s wastewater comes mainly from two sources: On the one hand, the employees clean the production facilities regularly, and on the other hand, they produce sanitary wastewater. In combination, this results in a wastewater volume of about 18 cubic metres per hour. A wastewater treatment container is the best solution for this.


Spices are usually organic materials, which the company processes mainly in powder form. For a wastewater treatment container, the solids must not be larger than 3 mm. Pre-screening of the wastewater is therefore not necessary, as the spice powders cannot damage the biological reactor.

Due to the composition of production wastewater and hygienic wastewater, the COD is 800 mg per litre and the BOD5 is 400 mg per litre. The wastewater also contains 50 mg of nitrogen per litre. The company would like to discharge its wastewater pre-treated into the connected municipal wastewater treatment plant. To save costs in the long run, the COD should be reduced to 150 mg per litre, the BOD5 to 40 mg per litre and the nitrogen content to 25 mg per litre.


To comply with these values without any problems, PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH offered the spice producer a wastewater treatment container, using FBBR modules and a lamella clarifier. The fixed-bed reactor consists of a growth material to which the microorganisms attach themselves and grow. Through an optimal oxygen supply, they reliably break down the dissolved and non-dissolved organic substances in the wastewater. In this way, they also metabolise the spice powder floating in the wastewater. A P-precipitation unit reduces the nitrogen content to the desired discharge value.

To reliably separate the resulting sludge from clear water, the ClearFox® team installed a lamella clarifier in the container treatment plant. For this project, PPU took over the complete planning, construction, delivery and installation of the treatment plant, as well as the instruction of the employees on site.

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