Iran relies on Bayreuth wastewater management systems

Wastewater management in Iran has changed significantly in recent years. Numerous government decisions have led to an increasing focus on wastewater management. In this context, the country is increasingly relying on ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants.

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Construction site for wastewater management system in Iran

Over the past ten years, Iran has experienced an unprecedented drought. The situation has worsened significantly, especially in 2021. In some provinces, there is no drinking water, which makes it much more difficult to maintain living standards. Dams are partly responsible for generating electricity in the country. Large masses of water drive turbines, which generate electricity. However, as the water supply decreases, power outages are becoming more frequent in some regions. Due to this situation, the Iranian government has imposed numerous restrictions on water and electricity consumption. 

Iran requires wastewater management in three situations: 

The country’s main concern is to protect the population and provide it with sufficient drinking water. For this reason, industrial companies that employ more than 150 people are initially required to install a wastewater management plant or upgrade their existing solution. Also, if the companies are located close to forests or the sea, the wastewater must be treated to such an extent that direct discharge into the environment is possible at any time. 

If it is not possible for the companies to dig an absorption well, a wastewater management plant for direct discharge is also mandatory. Reasons for this can be a too high groundwater level, as well as a too rocky or clayey soil. 

The third reason is the reuse of wastewater. Some companies discharge their wastewater into cooling towers or use it for irrigation, washing, industry, construction, and agriculture. Before reuse, safe treatment is necessary. 

Iran municipal wastewater management solution
Iran wastewater management solution

The ClearFox® solutions are particularly suitable for wastewater management in Iran 

The ClearFox® wastewater management plants are perfectly suited for these projects. Especially the biological treatment processes like the QuickONE+ for municipal projects or the SBR plants for industrial wastewater are suitable for the country’s wastewater. 

The ClearFox® QuickONE+ is a single-chamber wastewater treatment plant that achieves a very high level of wastewater treatment. It produces a small sludge amount because the microorganisms break down almost all organic matter. As a result, the plant achieves very low BOD and ammonia levels. The wastewater management plant can be easily lashed onto pallets and transported internationally – both by ship and by land. 

The ClearFox® SBR plants are particularly suitable for installation in prefabricated concrete tanks. After filling, aerator discs supply oxygen to the microorganisms that are present in the wastewater. These break down almost all organic substances in the wastewater. This produces secondary sludge, which settles at the bottom of the tank. On top of this, a clear water zone is created, which can be removed by an airlift pump. 

Thanks to a business partner in Iran, ClearFox® wastewater management plants can be found on numerous construction sites and are part of many industrial operations. 

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