ClearFox® contributes to the Iran water crisis

ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants help solve water scarcity issues in Iran. As the country is affected by a massive drought, efficient treatment solutions are important to sustainably protect the environment and help solve the Iran water crisis.

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ClearFox® system for Iran water crisis

The Iran water crisis affects the whole country

For a decade, Iran has been affected by a massive drought. Drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce, which is why the government is imposing strict regulations. Especially young people suffer from the drought, as water is only available at set times. The country’s electricity supply is also partly dependent on water. In dams, water drives turbines that generate electricity. Since the water level is also constantly falling there, power cuts occur at times.

The little water Iran has available must either be of perfect drinking quality or must not pollute the environment. If wastewater enters the groundwater without treatment, irreversible damage will occur, which would only exacerbate Iran water crisis.

That is why companies from Iran rely on ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants. In a gas refinery in the centre of the country around 100 employees work there. The sanitary wastewater produced in the company is treated in a ClearFox® QuickONE SBR plant. The wastewater mainly contains a high proportion of BOD, COD as well as nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations.

ClearFox® solution for dessert wastewater treatment
ClearFox® SBR for Iran water crisis

The SBR process is tailored to the treatment of sanitary wastewater

The ClearFox® QuickONE SBR plant is particularly suitable for the treatment of sanitary wastewater. The gas refinery’s treatment plant consists of two individual tanks that receive the wastewater produced without a buffer tank. The tanks are rotationally moulded so that they have no seam where they could break. This makes them suitable for underground installation. The tank contains air diffusers that supply the incoming wastewater with oxygen at predetermined intervals. The microorganisms in the wastewater can then grow and treat the impurities. This creates secondary sludge, which settles on the bottom of the plant. A clear water zone forms on top of it, which the treatment plant flushes out at regular intervals.

The contact to the gas refinery came about through a business partner of PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH in Iran. He is enthusiastic about the ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants and convinced his customers. The company’s goal was to use the wastewater to irrigate the green areas that are located on the company’s premises. By installing the ClearFox® QuickONE SBR, this is now possible without hesitation. It is thus making a significant contribution to the Iran water crisis. 

ClearFox® SBR system for Iran water crisis

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