Functional Principle and Technology of WWT Plants


You can find information about the technologies we use in our sewage treatment plants here.

Wastewater cleaning with the fluidised bed process

Cleaning of the wastewater is performed in the fluidised bed or fluidised/floating bed process, comparable to the fixed-bed process.

The bacteria in form of a biofilm is not growing on a fixed support medium but on a free floating support medium.

Non electrical and fully biological small sewage system

The main feature of our small sewage treatment plants is very stable operation (underload, overload). In addition, the operator saves a lot of costs in the long run since there is no need for technical (spare) parts and low costs for disposal and maintenance..

Chemical Wastewater cleaning

Basically we add chemicals such as coagulants and flocculants which makes the small particles remain in an indefinitely stable form resulting in them forming into bigger particles that can be treated with our normal methods.

Functional principle of the fixed-bed technology

It is not expected of the operator to optimise the plant himself by measuring the sludge (TS content) and the like, especially because wastewater is produced with different dilution factors at different times. Additionally, the plant should regulate itself over a broad range or be adjustable with easy adjustment work.

Biological procedure for wastewater cleaning

For wastewater cleaning, mechanical, biological and chemical procedures are used. In the mechanic-physical cleaning, often designated as first step, undissolved suspended particles are removed from the wastewater. Depending on the density, these particles are separated by sieving, filtering, depositing or flotation.


Airlift-pumps work according to an efficient and simultaneously simple system. Due to its simplicity and the absence of moved parts, airlift-pumps as good as immune to clogging.

Medical and Healthcare Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We offer to solutions to any problem regarding wastewater of hospitals. As germs in wastewater is hard to treat ClearFox is one of not many wastewater treatment companies to be specialised and have knowledge as how to treat it.

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