servicing of sewage treatment plants.

servicing of small sewage treatment plants.

The functionality of your car must be inspected regularly. This is also applicable for your small sewage treatment plant. The service intervals are regulated by law and, depending on the plant type, service is required between 1 and 3 times per year. Only an operating small sewage treatment plant guarantees proper treatment of your sewage and protects the environment.

Competent servicing of your small sewage treatment plant gives you security, because it:

  • Guarantees optimal functionality
  • Helps to meet the prescribed outlet values
  • Prevents problems from arising in the first place
  • Saves costs in the long run
  • Helps to meet authority requirements

A certified service provider will carry out all maintenance work. Generally, we make a service agreement with fixed prices. In Germany, you can inquire about service providers in your area at the water authorities or the German Association for Water, Sewage and Waste (DWA).

servicing the ClearFox® nature

The small sewage treatment plant ClearFox® nature must be serviced twice per year according to authority requirements. Servicing ensures that the plant works properly, the sewage is treated, outlet values are met and the environment is protected.

You can check how the ClearFox® nature is serviced in both the Service Log and the Service Checklist. Both files are also part of your operation manual.

Find a service partner?

We are happy to help you to find a certified service partner in your area. Just contact us!