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Information for business and municipal customers

Please contact our support directly. Consultations for large plants are usually adapted to the individual case. We will happy to give you advice in a personal meeting. Tel.: 49 (0) 921-150 63 990

Especially private builders of small sewage treatment plants are in constant need of consultation. Here is a quick introduction:

We at PPU produce small sewage treatment plants. We produce mainly treatment chambers from plastic. We offer them with three different systems.

What do you need to know to get the right small sewage treatment plant?

How big should the plant be?

Initially, the size of the plant must be determined. We calculate in population equivalents (PE). Generally, the present housing units (apartments) are significant. For one housing unit, we always assume 4 PE; for two housing units, it will thus be 8 PE. If a so called granny-flat up to 65m3 is present, only 2 PE are calculated additionally. But the minimum size is always 4 PE. For housing units with more than 4 people, larger plants must be planned. For guest houses, club houses, hotels etc., special calculations are required.

What is the right system for you?

ClearFox® nature
Generally, we recommend ClearFox® nature without power requirement. The ClearFox® nature convinces with its durability and underload performance. It works nearly wear-free and convinces with its low operational costs. Check the cost comparison and see for yourself!

ClearFox® nature retrofitting
If you already have an existing pre-chamber which is still in a good structural condition, you can install our retrofitting module downstream. The tank must only be retrofitted slightly in order to use it.

However, the tank must be subjected to a leak test and the volume must be at least 0.55m3 per connected resident.
The ClearFox® nature reaches the outlet class C, and shortly, the outlet class N will be available.

ClearFox® SBR compact
The plant ClearFox® SBR Compact is a tried and tested wastewater cleaning system, which PPU has produced more than 2000 times. Our SBR plant convinces with its compactness and easy commissioning.

Due to short pressure hoses, only small air blowers are required which has a positive effect on the power consumption. In addition, an integrated underload detector helps to save energy.

A properly dimensioned pre-chamber with a volume which is larger than most of our competitors’ products by a third, has a positive effect on the removal intervals. The ClearFox SBR Compact is available in outlet class C and D.

Surveys and consultancy services

A survey generally contains a review of the situation and a precise definition of the object surveyed. Then, a comment follows, which refers to the reason for the survey. Comments are backed with external findings or experts are used for specific areas.

A fruit juice production site needs a handling instruction for the on-site sewage treatment plant how to handle future cases of disaster. The objective is to meet the outlet values despite varying wastewater composition. A municipality as sewage treatment plant operator for a small part of town has declared voluntarily that its discharge values are lower in order to save wastewater fees. However, the plant does not meet these values. A catalogue of measures is created for the retrofitting and the costs are compared according to LAWA. A gourmet food production site plans to extend/boost the efficiency of the existing biological sewage treatment plant. A process comparison, proposals and an execution concept are created. (Preliminary planning)

How do you find the right distributor?

In all of Germany, we have been working with different distributors for many years. Most of these specialised companies are certified and trained by us and have experience in the area of decentralised wastewater disposal. Please contact us. We will connect you with the right distributor.