ClearFox® SBR – Sewage treatment plants as package plants for up to 10 people equivalent

  • Small sewage treatment plants for modular construction
  • The highest individual weight is 115 kg
  • No crane is required on the building site
  • Continual and worry-free operation
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Fully automatic operation

The SBR system works with activated sludge, but when compared to standard extended aeration systems the efficiency is much higher, due to the equalized peak flow.

SBR Technologie von ClearFox in eine Kläranlage

SBR sewage treatment plants as package plants for up to 10 people equivalent

Due to our high quality components, we are able to guarantee continual and trouble-free operation. The plants are quick assembled and easy to operate,as the operation is fully automatic.

The sewage treatment plant has an integrated energy saving mode, which adapts to the actual sewage volume and thereby saves energy. The plant works according to the proven SBR principle with clog-free airlift-pumps. Certified according to EN 12566-3 and CE.

SBR Technologie von ClearFox in eine Kläranlage

This is how your SBR sewage treatment plant is delivered.

The Clearfox SBR small sewage treatment plant is fully biological and ready to connect. It is a compact, modular sewage treatment plant with high quality, clog-free airlift-pumps. The system has an integrated energy-saving mode and monitors overfilling with fully automatic pressure measurement.

No calibration required, as the system does this automatically. The system has an air distributor with high quality and noise-free actuators. The hose connections are made of high quality stainless steel ensuring reliablility, as these do not break.

The complete control unit is integrated into the ventilated manhole pit, which saves laying cables etc. Only an inlet, outlet and a power cable (earth cable 3×1,5mm2) must be connected and no further connection work is required! The inlet and outlet openings are prepared for KG DN100 (high-quality EPDM-gaskets are already integrated in the tank).

The monolith tanks are made of high-quality PE. The manufacturing process is rotational moulding, which produces a one piece seamless tank which requires no additional work (as would a screw-connected tank). The vertically positioned rib structure of the tank ensures stability, as well as good and ergonomic blending in the reactor. The tanks are equipped with additional internal stainless steel reinforcements.

In their basic configuration the tanks are equipped with a manhole pit extension for an inlet depth of ~78 cm. The tank covers (load-bearing up to 200 kg) are screw-tightened (childproof version). The plant is CE conform and includes EN 12566-3 test certificates for efficiency, water-tightness and fracture resistance. The plant consists of two interconnected tanks which can be placed into the building pit as one piece.

All technical components of the plant are pre-assembled in the factory and are ready to be connected (plug and play).

Advantages of ClearFox® SBR wastewater treatment plant at a glance

To see the benefits of our small wastewater treatment plant, simply click on the marked points in the picture below:

SBR Technologie von ClearFox in eine Kläranlage

Technical data and dimensions

Note: Observe the Assembly and operation instructions for tank installation,
plant connection and commissioning.

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