restoration / optimisation

Alte Kläranlagen können saniert werden

Many wastewater plants don’t work optimally concerning their treatment goal, the best available technology, or their economic aspect.

Existing wwt systems or simple septic can be retrofitted with our technical equipment. By restoring them with modern components they can fullfill the future effluent requirements. After a review of the situation, we propose ideas to achieve better utilisation of the existing resources.

Benefits of plant restoration

By changing the process flow minimally, a brewery, for example, saves approx. € 2,300 per year in operating costs for chemicals for the wastewater plant . The concept is adopted and implemented on short notice. A municipality needs simple and comprehensible preliminary information about any expansion of a wastewater plant.  We will send you a report containing all information about the optimisation and the costs being saved.

Benefits of restoration / optimisation of a sewage treatment plant

  • saving energy
  • better process flow
  • state-of-the-art technology
  • regulatory provisions are fulfilled

Sewage treatment plants restoration / optimisation?

We are happy to discuss possibilities regarding optimisation of your sewage treatment plant and the possible cost savings.