PPU you has been awarded a project in Sri Lanka for the supply of a wastewater treatment system for an apartment complex


PPU is becoming established in Sri Lanka as a market leader in the supply of compact, cost-effective, reliable wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and industrial projects. In Sri Lanka space and budget are important considerations when installing a wastewater treatment system. The fixed bed biological process pioneered by PPU is a space-saving solution.

The high rate biological reactors we supply can be positioned above or below ground. For this specific project the client has constructed a below ground precast concrete sludge tank and equalisation tank. Our fixed bed biological reactors are then placed above ground on top of this equalisation tank. This results in an extremely small footprint for the wastewater treatment solution, making more space available for residential units.

The system has been designed to minimise noise in order to ensure a nuisance free operation for the residents. Our fixed bed biological reactors are CE marked and fully compliant with all European design standards and criteria. So they represent a very safe and risk-free purchase for property developers. Wastewater treatment is an essential part of the infrastructure for any development, so selecting reliable trouble-free solution is of high importance.

Also increased environmental awareness means achieving effluent standards is also very important. This is why our international business continues to expand. As for each project where we supply a solution, further orders follow due to client satisfaction.

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