Customer: Tobacco company in Egypt
Year: 2018

Case of application:

A tobacco company from Egypt contacted us to solve their sewage treatment problem.

Tobacco wastewater comes from two sources: industrial wastewater which accounts for around 50-60% of the wastewater. It comes from washing water and cleaning of the silk making/roll-adhesive equipment. The other 40-50% comes from domestic use and miscellaneous wastewater.

With a normal waterflow of 5m³/day and a peak of 10m³/day the average wateflow should not exceed 7,5m³/day.

There was an existing buffer tank with three chambers already installed with following datas:

11510mg/l BOD influent –  [Effluent Limit 600mg/l]

19184mg/l COD influent – [Effluent Limit 1100mg/l]

1960mg/l TSS influent – [Effluent Limit 800mg/l]

100mg/l Oil influent

3.9mg/l Total P influent

pH 4.36mg/l influent

Our specialists advised to install chemical pretreatment, DAF and a sludge big bag dewatering unit in the first chamber. In addition to this, a FBR system with a clarifier in the second chamber.

Energy consumption:

Consumer  kwRunning time in (h)Consumption


DAF complete (dosing pumps, multiphase pump, compressor)4~10~40
Aeration fixed bed reactor2,2~16~35,2
Control unit, room equipment1,5~10~8
Option aeration system~1,5~10~ 15

Components used in the project:

Big Bag Dewatering Unit

Buffer Aeration System

Buffer Aeration System

ClearFox Eccentric Screw Pump

Why was PPU selected over other competitors? Advantages of ClearFox products:

Our Clearfox products are developed and manufactured in Germany. All of our treatment modules have been tested many times before and have the highest standard on technology while being easy to maintenance. Our price/quality relation was the best compared to other competitors which was the crucial point for the tobacco company to choose us above others.

Other advantages of the products:

  • Reduced energy costs because of installed power save mode
  • Big efficiency rate for every process for example special fine bubbling aeration
  • Less noise cause everything is housed
  • Low costs for projecting and construction management
  • Absolutely odorless
  • Highly efficient in COD/BOD/FOGs reduction (up to 99%)
  • Totally automatic operation
  • Two stage DAF – not just single stage like standard DAF systems