Clearfox Industrial Wastewater Treatment System for a Landfill

Industrial Wastewater Treatment with Clearfox Portable Container Systems.

ProjectTreatment of industrial waste water from a landfill
ClientSaudi Arabia
ApplicationClearFox® container wastewater treatment plant
Size10,0 m³/h
Effluent QualityDirect discharge
ModulesDissolved Air Flotation (pH adjustment, reduction BOD5 and COD)

Metal-/Residual precipitation

Ozone nation

Active carbon filter

Ion exchange Filter

CharacteristicsPurification of waste water by removing oil and grease, nutrients, organic nitrogen and different metal concentrations. Adjustment of the pH-value.
FeaturesHighly polluted landfill waste water, contains metals.


A large waste disposal company in the region, which manages a landfill site, has received stricter environmental protection regulations from the local authorities. Because of this, and because of the additionally necessary lowering of the water level in the affected sewage pond, it is necessary to build an industrially operating sewage treatment plant.


A highly loaded wastewater stream is to be treated. A biological treatment is difficult to realize, because too many metals are contained. Therefore, the removal of carbon and nitrogen concentrations must be done by another method. At the same time the oil should also be removed. All steps should be realizable.


We have designed a plant for our customer that is both compact and capable of handling all intermediate steps without biological use.

A compactly installed screening screw discharges the waste water into a buffer container on top of which it is placed. All ClearFox® containers are installed using the same compact design.

The subsequent dissolved air flotation is able to remove all the oil and a very large part of the COD and BOD5 concentration without biological treatment.

The fall unit, which is attached on the other side, also removes the resulting metal and residual materials with the aid of flocculation, separation of the flakes and a subsequent sand filter insert.

Both modules are compactly installed in one container each and ensure a very good cleaning.

The ozonation that now takes place, in which ozone is produced from oxygen with the aid of an ozone generator and this is introduced into the wastewater flow, ensures partial outgassing of the nitrogen from the wastewater. Here, too, all technical equipment could be installed in a container to save space. Only the pre- and post-buffer had to be placed in an adjacent container for the purpose of partial flow treatment.

Afterwards the waste water is led over an activated carbon filter, where all residual ozone, as well as other fission products of the ozonation and other substances react highly efficiently. The ion exchanger, as the last unit of this treatment plant, ensures the remaining reaction of the nitrogen and is at the same time a highly effective police filter, which provides additional safety with regard to the pollutant values.

This compact plant consists of six containers


modular wastewater plant

Technical Data:

Undissolved air flotation (pH adjustment, reduction BOD5 and COD)

Metal/residual material precipitation


Activated carbon filter

Ion exchange unit

Capacity: 10,0 m³/h

Input: Highly polluted landfill wastewater, contains metals.