JSC Neva Food, Sankt Petersburg

Wastewater Treatment with ClearFox® modular container system

ProjectProject Treatment of waste water from the production of sauces and mayonnaise
LocationRussia, Saint-Petersburg
ApplicationClearFox® container treatment plant
Size10 m³/d, max 1,0 m³/h by a working shift of 12 hours per day
Effluent QualitySt. Petersburg discharge values are complied with
ModulesDissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
Big Bag dewatering unit
Fixed bed biological reactor FBR
Characteristicsshortest production downtimes due to fast installation
Space-saving plant engineering
suitable for fluctuating waste water quantities
SectorFood production for HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe/Catering)
container floatation


The water supply and sanitation systems are poorly developed and dilapidated in large parts of Russia. In order to reduce the proportion of untreated wastewater discharged, Russia will expand and modernise its sewerage network.

St. Petersburg wants to take a big step forward in environmental protection and invest around €2.3 billion by 2025.
This will oblige companies to pretreat their wastewater or treat it so that it can be discharged directly into the Neva.

With the help of the modernized wastewater treatment, environmental protection is to be promoted and thus ecosystems preserved and protected.


By modernising their sewage systems, companies are also encouraged to think about their waste water disposal.


As a leading Russian company in the field of sauces and mayonnaise production, it was a matter of course for our customer to invest in a waste water treatment plant in order to set an example for other companies.

With the ClearFox® Dissolved Air Flotation, the majority of solids and fats can be removed from the waste water at low cost and efficiently.

In order to comply with the prescribed effluent values, the wastewater is further treated biologically after flotation.
The plant technology, which includes chemical and biological treatment, was installed in two 20-foot HighCube containers to save space.

Technical data:

  1. Dissolved Air Flotation
  2. BigBag drainage unit
  3. Fixed-bed biological reactor FBR
  4. Final clarifier as lamella separator

Capacity: 10 m³/d, max. 1.0 m³/h

Input: Production waste water

Inflow parameters:

  • pH: 3,64
  • COD: 7100 mg/l
  • BOD5: >1000 mg/l
  • TSS: 1550 mg/l

process parameters:

  • COD: 500 mg/l
  • BOD5: 300 mg/l
  • TSS: 300 mg/l