Installation of a small sewage treatment plant ClearFox® nature

Customers: different kinds/various, private homes touristic sites, club/union house  or sports facilities, holiday homes and businesses/ business enterprises
Country: Germany, France, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy,  Eastern Europe, Middle East etc
Year: 2011 -now

The ClearFox nature doesn’t only handle the sewage which occurs in single-family houses or multi-family houses with normal usage, it can also be used in situations where the wastewater volume varies.

The restriction valve against overload or underload makes the clearfox nature rather impervious – the feeding  of the bioreactor happens hydraulically completely constant

Maintenance of a ClearFox nature sewage treatment plant

This picture was made during maintence where samples were taken and the functionality of the plant was tested
the sewage treatment plant without power supply needs maintenance once a year in order to prove the effluent quality by external laboraties.


What are the advantages for clearfox nature customers?

  1. The biomaterial is forever, no need for any exchange like other “filters”, can be recycled, as it is fully made of plastic
  2. Constantly cheap operation since it doesn’t need power, if there is enough gravity
  3. The ClearFox nature almost disappears odour and soundless within the smallest area.
  4. No heavy lifting device is needed, due to the pit-tested polyethylene container with stainless steel reinforcement inside, totally weight less than 170kg.


Mit Hilfe unserer eines Mini Baggers Zulaufdrossel welche auch größere Abwassermengen (Überlast) ab puffert wird die Biologie gleichmäßig beschickt

The biology is evenly distributed with the help of our inlet throttle that can also buffer larger wastewater volumes (overload situtuation).

Nicht verrottendes Biofilm Aufwuchsträgermaterial welches nicht ausgewechselt werden muss. Selbst nach einer Ruhezeit von bis zu 6 Monaten (Unterlast) werden die Ablaufwerte der Anlage nach einer kurzen Einlaufphase wieder erreicht

Non-rotting biofilm material made in Polyethlen , that does not have to be exchange anytime.

Even after a resting period of up until 6 months (underload), the plant will reach its discharge values again after a short start-up phase.

Service of PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH

We – and our partners onsite – offer any imaginable help to assist you with the realisation of your plant free of charge.

For example

  1. Provision of all required documents
  2. Help with offices and councils
  3. Advice on technical and wastewaster treatment questions, like leak/leakage tests, percolation or even bore logs.
  4. Suggestions on different installation options or situations
  5. Sharing knowlegde of reliable installation partners in your region
  6. Arranging contacts to trained maintenance companies

We will do our utmost to support you in those points. However it should be noted that all our sales partners have these services in their portfolio.

Don’t shy away from talking to us. We’re happy to assist you with any question you might have.

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