Customer: Wastewater constructor, service operator
Country: Ireland

Due to the sensitive outlet channel conditions within a park with local recreation value, very strict environmental requirements had to be fulfilled.

Technology used


Multi-stage SBR biology, sludge densification,
subsequent precipitation with final flocculation filtration

Process flow (keywords)

Prechamber with deni and anox zone, mixing device, SBR biology with multiple, hydraulically dependant filling, feed reservoir with high-pressure pumps for filling the multi-stage filters, blending sections for previous precipitation and pre-flocculation inline. Flocculation and filtration in filter batteries. Backflushing via back-flow water, fully automated operation.



Dosing device

Dosing device


Aeration membranes


Meeting all customer requirements, quick construction, economic technology, highest outlet requirements

Service from PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH:

We were able to show that Clearfox SBR plants meet even the highest discharge requirements.
Layout, preliminary planning, construction and project planning, delivery
Assembly management