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ClearFox® nature is a new generation of small sewage treatment plants. Based on our long-time experience with cascaded bio filter plants, the technology was adapted specifically to the quality tank system aquaplast®. We developed a high quality, durable sewage treatment system for small sewage treatment plants, without using technical wear parts prone to malfunction. If the incline is sufficient, the small sewage treatment plant can be operated without any power connection. With an integrated mini-pump, the clear outlet can also be lifted. Due to its simple structure and the biofilm technology used, the small sewage treatment plant is well suited for decentral operation.

Fully biological small sewage treatment plant without power connection

The main feature of our small sewage treatment plants is very stable operation (underload, overload). In addition, the operator saves a lot of costs in the long run since there is no need of technical (spare) parts and low costs for disposal and maintenance. The small sewage treatment plant is entirely recyclable after use so that the CO2 footprint remains very small.
Our small sewage treatment plant was developed in Germany and tested according to EU standard 12566-3 and 12566-6 on an accredited test field. In the meantime, our small sewage treatment plant has established its position on the European market for small sewage treatment plants due to its convincing technology.

Function principle of our fully biological small sewage treatment plant

The wastewater flows through a pre-chamber in the small sewage treatment plant, where the wastewater particles heavier than water sink to the bottom. Temporarily high inflow (emptying a bathtub) is compensated with a restriction and storage system, backed up and forwarded to the bio reactor downstream in an even manner. There, the flush and distribution system distributes the mechanically cleaned water evenly over the support material on which bacteria grow, which causes a degradation of the contaminants. This support medium is made of plastic, is rotproof and not prone to clogging. A replacement of the support medium is thus not intended – as for conventional bio filter plants – in standard operation. The cleaned wastewater leaves the tank of the small sewage treatment plant at the bottom as clearwater, or is lifted from the small sewage treatment plant with a mini-pump.

The tank for our small sewage treatment plants without power requirement

Our ClearFox® nature small sewage treatment plant is fitted into aquaplast® (www.aquaplast.de), a tank system from polyethylene. The high-quality polyethylene tanks have proven their suitability in the past years for numerous wastewater applications
(e.g. for small sewage treatment plants for up to 200 people). Apart from statistic proofs for the earth installation, we hold all certificates required for the CE mark according to EN 12566-3 and 12566-6 for the tanks of our small sewage treatment plants. The tanks are reinforced. As one of the few European tank systems, it has a certification for elevated ground water (so-called horizontal stress test = PIT test). A consistently high quality is ensured with one of the most modern production systems (**). Along with being rugged, the tank system features easy handling. Transport and storage costs are reduced by adhering to European transport dimensions. Efficient use of high-quality material restricts the CO2 footprint to a minimum level. In the long run, the tanks are a safe investment due to the high corrosion resistance of the material PE in connection with high-quality stainless steel. (*)
Optionally, a statically tested floatation safeguard will be available from April 2012 onwards.
(*) When operated according to operation instructions,
the tanks have a 15 year long-term warranty.
(**) Quality assurance by DEKRA according to DIN ISO 9001-9008 of the production company
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ClearFox® nature – Fully biological small sewage treatment plant without power requirement

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