Yevheniya Hordyshevska

Yevheniya Hordyshevska

Marketing Manager

I came from Ukraine, where I received my first higher education. In Germany I received my Master’s degree as Marketing Manager in Hof University.

I like the friendly working atmosphere most of all at PPU.  We have a wonderful team, I can always rely on my colleagues, they will always help with advice and deed!  Despite the fact that the company employs overwhelming majority of men, I do not feel any sexism.  We have excellent managers who value every employee!

As a mom, the work-life ballance is very important to me! PPU give me a opportunity to built a carreer and at the same time devote enought time to my child.


PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH
Carl-Kolb-Str. 6
95448 Bayreuth

Tel.: +49 (0) 921 / 150 63 99 0
Mob.: + 49 (0) 151 / 625 52 781
E-mail: marketing@clearfox.com

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