Philipp Nüsslein

Philipp Nüsslein

Production Manager

My name is Philipp Nüßlein I am  27 years old.

In August 2019 I joined PPU Umwelttechnik as a technician for environmental protection and renewable energies.

As head of production, I ensure together with my team a smooth production process and a high product quality.

The field of activity of PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH is very diversified due to the energy, water and waste management sector.

I especially like to supervise and influence the planning and the later production process of the different waste water treatment plants.

Every employee can contribute with his ideas and thoughts.

Due to the different diversity of the waste water to be treated, we do not produce a plant according to the scheme F.

Each plant is tailored to the requirements of the customer.

ClearFox® products are designed and developed for trouble-free operation and easy handling at the end user.

This is ensured by high-quality materials and machine parts.

The Duz mentality with flat hierarchies is particularly noteworthy.

With PPU the superior is not a boss you fear but a person with whom you can have a nice conversation even after work.


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