Markus Döring


Markus Döring

Operation Director

Personal Information

My name is Markus Döring, I am 43 years old, married and have 2 children. In 2004 I finished my studies as a civil engineer.

Because of my passion for fishing, I have always had a strong connection to the water environment. It is therefore very important to me to maintain and protect this habitat.

Since 2018, PPU has given me the opportunity, as technical manager, to actively contribute to the protection of our most important resource.

The special thing about our Clearfox® products is the constant urge to do the best possible for our environment through innovation and quality.


PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH
Carl-Kolb-Str. 6
95448 Bayreuth

Tel.: +49 (0) 921 /150 63 99 2
Mob.: +49 (0) 160 / 911 86 719
E-mail: doering@ppu-umwelttechnik.de

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