PPU Umwelttechnik receives “certificate of registration” for export to Iraq

In mid-July 2021, PPU Umwelttechnik applied for and received a “certificate of registration” from DIN CERTCO and German TÜV Rheinland. This makes the company an official trading partner of Iraq and entitles it to export ClearFox® sewage treatment facilities to the country.

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What is a certificate of registration? 

The certificate of registration is a certificate issued by the testing institute DIN CERTCO and the country of Iraq that it considers PPU Umwelttechnik suitable to import its sewage treatment facilities into the country. The decisive factor here is that the country assures itself that the company will act in accordance with international law in any cooperation. This is no challenge for PPU Umwelttechnik. The company has years of experience in wastewater treatment plant construction, export handling and with the different wastewater treatment standards of individual countries. 

In the import of goods, Iraq distinguishes between regulated and unregulated goods. Regulated goods are goods for daily use. The bureaucratic burden is considerably lighter as a result. The country classifies sewage treatment facilities as unregulated goods, which is why the certificate of registration is required.

ClearFox® certificate of registration

How did the application for the certificate of registration proceed?

The entire application process took about three months. A business partner who had already realized initial cooperations with PPU Umwelttechnik helped the company to establish initial contacts with the Iraqi testing institute. An auditor from DIN CERTCO then visited the Bayreuth production site and gained an overview of the business processes. The focus was on the company’s profitability, as well as the manufacturing and value-added process, and material handling and logistics. Another important component was the performance of the quality inspection and its documentation.

The auditor handed over the report to TÜV Rheinland, which passed it on to the Iraqi embassy to receive the certificate. In addition, the Iraqi embassy received the company’s extract from the commercial register, the extract from the patent office and the DIN ISO certificate. 

How does the future trade of sewage treatment facilities proceed?

The certificate not only certifies PPU Umwelttechnik as a registered trading partner of Iraq, it also indicates the business partner who is allowed to receive and distribute the sewage treatment facilities in the country. This partner can import ClearFox® wastewater treatment plants almost without limitation. The certificate is valid for one year. However, renewal is straightforward, as much smaller tests are required than for the first application. The certificate also certifies that PPU Umwelttechnik is allowed to import “Wastewater treatment systems” to Iraq, which includes all of the company’s sewage treatment facilities. 

For future cooperation with Iraq, the “certificate of registration” is necessary to import goods into the country. The business partner has already ordered three containerized sewage treatment facilities. If these prove successful, further orders may follow. 

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